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Off The Eaten Path is passionate about finding new paths forward. Our plant based commercially compostable bags are the next step on our journey to help care for our planet.

compostable bag compostable bag

After enjoying our delicious Off The Eaten Path snacks, send back your commercially compostable bag. We can help it become compost to help more plants grow!

Find these specially marked bags at Whole Foods and other select retailers:

composting your bag is easy


Collect your specially marked commercially compostable Off The Eaten Path bags and place in a mailer.

fill out
the form

Fill out the form below to get a prepaid shipping label. Print the label, tape it onto your mailer, and send it off to be composted.

every compostable bag = a donation

For every bag returned to TerraCycle, we'll donate $1 to Ocean Conservancy*, helping to protect our ocean and our planet.

*up to $192,000. Donation program
live from 6/14/21 - 6/14/22

fill out this form to mail back your bags

Our bags are commercially compostable only and don't belong in your home compost bin. We understand that not all areas have industrial composting facilities, so you can always mail in your bags!

frequently asked questions

Learn more about our awesome bags and how to dispose of them responsibly.

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We have multiple Off The Eaten Path® flavors! To see all of our Off The Eaten Path® veggie crisps flavors, check out our products page. 

To check if your Off The Eaten Path® are gluten free, please reference each product’s ingredient statement and labels prior to consumption. We also recommend visiting PepsiCo Product Facts to check out ingredient labels. On PepsiCo Product Facts, you are able to filter by brand to find which Off The Eaten Path® products and flavors are gluten free. 

Currently, there are no Off The Eaten Path® products that are classified as vegan.

To see which PepsiCo products have a Vegan claim, we recommend visiting the Vegan and Vegetarian page on PepsiCo Product Facts.

No, Off The Eaten Path® crisps are never fried. Our snacks are popped into a mosaic of flavor with a delicious crunch.

We would love to answer your questions or concerns! To get in contact with the Consumer Service team for Off the Eaten Path®, please check out our Contact Us page.